ООО "Ребус"
UNDP. Support for reform of the civil registration system.
Installation of an electronic queue system in the registry office of the city of Kulyab, Khatlon region of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Description: This software and hardware complex is based on a software solution. The functionality of such a solution meets all the requirements that the market places on such systems today. Analogs of such systems are known as electronic queue, queue management system, or simply LMS. The main task that electronic queuing systems solve is to save visitors from the institution from independently organizing their expectations of receiving services and interacting with other customers of the company in this process. Among other things, the use of such systems makes the workflow completely transparent, since the program captures all the data related to the performance of official duties by each of the specialists.


✓ Automation of the distribution of services for individual points of reception
✓ Accounting for the quality of operator work
✓ Reporting automation
✓ Management
✓ Improving the quality and speed of customer service

The queue management system allows you to streamline the reception of visitors, get rid of the “live” queues and related problems, reduces the likelihood of conflict.