ООО "Ребус"
Republican Educational – Clinical Center of Family Medicine of the MHandSP of the RT.
Republican Educational – Clinical Center of Family Medicine of the MHandSP of the RT.

Description: This software is real races in automation of polyclinic services. Such decisions as the automated documentation, electronic registry, monitoring of work of personnel, the electronic medical record of the patient allowed to reduce labor costs of a medical personnel and to increase quality of patient’s service. The software solution organized work of policlinic at the level of the accepted protocols in medicine and allows to find necessary information about the patient at any time (The anamnesis of life, Examination, Diagnosis, Treatment History etc.). The solution was developed in the Client-server technology, this technology allowed to separate a client part from application logic.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Android. Software: Java, JavaME, Android SDK, Eclipse, QT/C++, QtCreator, Apache2, Fale2ban, ProFTPd, SSH, PhalconPHP and DBMS MySQL, Our goal is to facilitate the work


✓ Reception (patient registration and appointment for patient examination);
✓ Observation (examination and data recording);
✓ The family doctor (filling medical cards and diagnosis);
✓ Narrow specialist (detailed examination of the patient);
✓ Ultrasonography (integration into the equipment and transfer to a digital form of data storage);
✓ Gynecology (e-card of the pregnant);
✓ Laboratory researches;
✓ System administrator (filling handbooks, user management);
✓ Vaccination (notification of upcoming vaccination, conducting vaccinations and registration);
✓ Chief Physician (Monitoring of personnel work, the final report on patients’ attendance);
✓ Bypass (patient registration at home, examination of the patient at home) in the mobile and desktop versions of the program;
✓ Cash desk (receipt of money for paid services);

Our goal is to facilitate the work of the medical staff, so that they could devote more time to patients. To train medical staff to work with the new in the field of family medicine technology.