ООО "Ребус"
Public Foundation "Entrepreneurship and Prosperity" (Accelerate Prosperity)
Development and implementation of a centralized web system and mobile application for monitoring and operating investment

Description: The Public Fund “Entrepreneurship and Prosperity” is financing small and medium-sized projects in Tajikistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. Due to the large number of projects, it was difficult to analyze the progress of their work, how they are developing and absorbing the budget. In this regard, we developed a centralized web system for them with a personal account where employees can register investment projects, manage and monitor their activities, issue a login password for project owners so that they can register processes in their activities using a mobile application. A universal system for creating roles and assigning access was also developed, where the Administrator himself could create a role without giving the help of a programmer and give access to any user level (Project Manager, Teacher, etc.). This project has simplified the work of fund employees and helped to systematize the activities of projects. The mobile application, in turn, has become a useful tool where project owners began to keep records and control their activities in terms of expenses, revenues, finances, services and goods, sales, etc.
Operating System: Linux Debian. Software: Apache2, Fale2ban, ProFTPd, SSH, PHP YII2, Android, MySQL DBMS.


✓ Workplace of an employee of the Project Manager, Teachers, Administrator;
✓ Creating dynamic roles and assigning them to the user profile;
✓ Accounting and control of data by project owners in a mobile application and subsequent data synchronization with a centralized web server system.
✓ Registration and work with the functions of selling goods and services, registration of financial incomes, loan repayment schedule, expenses for the purchase of raw materials, accounting for the control of the salaries of project employees, project profitability.
✓ Grouping and Exporting data to Excel format in all sections of the project.
✓ Planning meetings and training with mentors followed by a reminder.
✓ Ability to enter and edit reference information.
✓ Synchronization of mobile application data with a central web system.
✓ Ability to work the mobile application both online and offline for a long time.

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