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Outsourcing and technical support of projects

The concept of IT outsourcing implies the delegation of internal functions of the enterprise to an external contractor, particularly the IT functions. It may also include the delegation of entire IT processes to an external service provider

Complex contracts are popular all over the world – when all the services of the entire IT infrastructure are transferred to an external company. But in world practice, niche services are more common – when certain IT services and functions of IT departments are transferred to an external provider. Thanks to IT outsourcing, a company can significantly reduce the cost of ownership of its own information system. Owing to IT outsourcing, the distribution of all assets of an enterprise can be optimized. At the same time, the contract concluded with the IT outsourcing company is a reliable guarantee that the computer system will work properly and all problems will be resolved promptly. In addition, all new hardware and software components will be implemented competently and efficiently


The company “ITIDEAS” offers site Administration (Web outsourcing).

There are situations when you want the site to develop, but there is no one to entrust this development with – all employees are engaged in their own affairs, and are not sufficiently qualified in Web matters. You can hire a person – a webmaster, give him a task, pay a salary. However, not all companies have a sufficient salary budget in order to hire a good specialist.

Also, the work on the site is different – sometimes you need to tweak the module, sometimes to place the text and add a product. If you hire a specialist – it will be an expensive service, if you hire a student – most likely he will not cope with more complex tasks. The most correct option is to be serviced in a company where there are various specialists with different costs and levels of training. Such a number of staff is not practicable for small and medium-sized companies. Nevertheless, for a monthly subscription, you can get all these people as a “service”.

How Web Outsourcing works:

You say what you need – the company does all this. An important issue is the cost of maintenance. It depends on the site – on what control system it is made, depends on the hosting – unreliable hosting forces specialists to communicate with its technical support, depends on the number of working hours. We averaged and simplified the calculations as much as possible. There are 3 price charts we work on: Price chart:

Размещения готовых статьей в день61020
Размещения неготовых статьи в день246
Техническое обслуживание сайтададада
Доработка, правка и очистка html – кодададада
Архивация сайта полностьюежемесячноежемесячноеженедельно
Архивация статьей по датам и количествомежемесячноежемесячноеженедельно
Составления отчетности по сайтуежемесячноеженедельноеженедельно
Создание форма обратной связидадада
Доб. гугл-карты с местоположениемдадада
Составление объявление для других сайтовнетдада
Регистрация группы на соц.сетяхнетнетда
Решение различных проблем сайтададада
цена в месяц (сомони – без учета НДС)340653983

Any company now pays for the Internet, cleaning and accounting services – in fact, our service is the solution of your tasks for the site, for little money. It is profitable, convenient and efficient. Call today, + 992-44-625-38-18. (From 8:00 to 18:00), our experts will give you advise on certain issues. Take on the main points and leave the minor “chores” to professionals.

Office facilities maintenance service

Subscriber services for office equipment will ensure stable and smooth operation of your office at optimal costs. You do not need to keep a system administrator at work to maintain computers and office staff. We offer office equipment service at the best prices. You will only need to pay a monthly fee for each computer that is in your office. IT ideas specialists will take care of your office equipment.

Signing an agreement with us You will receive the following:

  • Monthly maintenance work of office equipment
  • Emergency departures in case of malfunctions
  • Significant savings compared to calling a webmaster or employing your own system administrator
  • Absence of problems with the shortage of full-time employees (due to illness, business trips or vacations).
  • Online computer maintenance
  • Online consultation

The principle of subscription service for office facilities maintenance

3- reasons why you should entrust us with the maintenance of office equipment. 1. Extension of the expiration date of the office staff, thanks to regular preventative maintenance. As a result, reduced costs for the repair and purchase of new devices. In-house specialists, due to the wide range of tasks that need to be solved and the lack of time, often neglect the recommendations of the equipment manufacturers and respond to the problem only upon its occurrence, which leads to downtime and unnecessary repair costs. 2. To ensure high-quality repairs, knowledge of the intricacies of certain equipment is often necessary. If for every malfunction you contact a service department, it costs you a lot of money and time. The IT company “Rebus” will provide you with an experienced specialist who will quickly and effectively solve your tasks. 3. With the development of your company, the opening of new branches and an increase in jobs, the office equipment will inevitably increase, which entails an increase in the load on the technical department and increases the response time to problems arising with equipment. You have to either put up with the downtime or hire new employees. Having signed a subscription service contract for office equipment with us, you will get rid of these problems. As part of the monthly prevention, our experts themselves will identify the need to maintain additional units of equipment and make appropriate proposals. In addition, at your request, we will undertake work to expand the office equipment fleet (purchase of IT equipment, delivery and connection). Monthly cost of service:

ОргтехникаЦена $
1Компьютеры настольные12
5Принтер\сканер\ксерокс (3 в 1)18
6Диагностика неполадокБесплатно
7Комплектующие и цены на прайс-листе

The principle of subscription service for office facilities maintenance