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Outsource People 2019 Conference, in Kiev

On October 12 and 13, Kharkiv IT Cluster became a partner of the Outsource People conference, which was organized by Growth factory at the Ramada Hotel. The conference totaled more than 700 top representatives of Ukrainian IT companies. Among them were members of the clusters, who NOT only organized the conference, but also acted as speakers and participants in the event.

An insane amount of “gratitude comments” to the organizers filled the Facebook news feed. Conference participants, speakers and organizers felt like one big family in these two days.

This year the conference was filled with interactive events, experiments and best practices of large-scale events! The organizers managed to establish a great networking thanks to a quest that attracted every participant, speaker and partner. In addition, a Telegram channel was created, which helped participants develop online communication, a kind of networking among the Internet space. “Do you know a man? Find him in the chat! “

The discussion panel has become one of the features of the conference. Not only listening, but also reporting, asking, solving and helping are the main tasks of the discussion panel. According to the survey, this part has become one of the most beloved for the participants.

Top speakers from the lead companies in the IT industry shared their experiences. They inspired, taught, answered all questions and helped to solve the current problems of the companies participating in the conference. Among the speakers were also Taras Kitsmey (Founder SoftServe), Jan Keil (vice-president of InfoPulse), Emanuel Love (Head of Ukraine at MeltinLab Barcelona, ​​Founder at MultiNations Kyiv). Each lecture was focused on one or another business task. Participants could choose – marketing or sales, development or CRM. Five lectures could be held simultaneously. “Didn’t like this? You can switch to another! “

The main value for those who joined the event was the exchange of experience in various fields of activity. Starting with customer search, ending with professional tools for working in the IT business and building the internal brand of the company. Communication – has become an opportunity in an informal setting to consider the more “personal” side of the business. There was no pathos, there was no “who is cooler?” – only mutual assistance, pleasant and productive conversations, exchange of experience and networking.

Pavel Obod started as an ordinary IT employee with work in the Ukrainian-Slovenian, and later in the Jordanian company. From scratch, without raising capital, in a year and a half he built an outsourcing company of 30 people.

He writes on Rails, including on Facebook. Web development experience – 5 years. He is interested in developing outsourcing and creating her own startups. Speaker at iforum 2011, RIF + CIB 2011, speaker and head of the Lviv SMM camp section. Unofficially the best report at It-jam 2010.

He’s been fond of the topic of business and IT outsourcing for more than 5 years, attended about a hundred different trainings, seminars and conferences on business and separately on IT business.

Yuri Varchinsky is the founder of HYS Enterprise, a fantastic PM and just an interesting conversationalist. Yuri Varchinsky runs HYS Enterprise, a Dutch-Ukrainian IT company with an office in Odessa.

Recognized as the best TECH CEO 2017 according to the IT Awards.

HYS provides software development services for telecommunications, financial technology and other business sectors.

The company is developing its own startup, Epicflow, which took part in Web Summit 2016, Europe’s largest IT conference.

Epicflow is an analytic SaaS project management platform.

Founder and CEO of Finevolution Natalia Gaikal.

An expert on building a financial and business model of startups in EXIP. Former CEO of VPO. Former head of a large business and a VIP corporate client at PrivatBank.

Vlad Gramovich, Lead Client Manager, ITREX Group, LLC

Former Executive Director, Systems Technology.

Former ITS Partner Marketing Director.