ООО "Ребус"
General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Tajikistan
Development and implementation of an electronic document management system on the Alfresco platform

Description: The electronic document management system for state organizations allows you to organize the procedure for registering documents, monitor the execution of documents and instructions from the direction of the executors. To see at what stage the document is located and where, to monitor the effectiveness of the work of employees and their workload. The system uses hierarchical access to the capabilities of the system, that is, the management of the units has access only to its subdivision and their documents and also has the right to certain actions, in turn the director of the organization has the right to enter everything that happens in the organization. Long-term training on working with the system was also conducted. The system allows you to download any kind of reporting and search for various documents by keywords.

Operating system : AstraLinux. Software: ApacheTomcat, ProFTPd, SSH, JavaEE, XML, JS и DBMS


✓ Registration of incoming documentation from other authorities. Registration of citizens. Registration of MDs taken from other bodies. Registration of citizens’ appeal. Registration of outgoing documents.
✓ Logs display (filters).
✓ Online editing and online browsing.
✓ Internal correspondence. Document vising (Resolution). Templates of cards and documents. Reconciliation and signing. Comment on the document, execution, instructions, etc. Searching documents on the entered data
✓ Online document comparison. Examination and execution of the document.
✓ Meetings. Registration of the work of employees. Notifications, notifications, calendar.
✓ Registration of instructions. Monitoring the implementation of the work plan for the year, a log of plans. Special instructions of the Prosecutor General
✓ Registration of holidays. Registration of business trips. Substitution of powers. The base of civil servants. Extradition
✓ Reporting system. LOG OF ALL ACTIONS.

The use of information systems in state organs will increase productivity and efficiency of work, contribute to reducing the level of corruption and negligent attitude to solving cases, which in turn will affect the increase of the economy and stability at state levels.