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Development Of Mobile Applications

ITIdeas is specializing in software development, effective business solutions, desktop applications and mobile developments of various difficulty levels by applying an outsourcing software development model.

Stages of development of automated systems.

Stages of software development is the main policy of our company, which consists of the following steps:

Deadlines of the project depend on the complexity of the project, which is evaluated at the stage of “Target-setting”

Target-setting. At this stage, our experts will explore the existing customer system. As a result, a list of processes to be automated is created, interacting integration schemes and methods are found out. This list is converted into tasks for which the period and implementation price are estimated, our company provides consulting services for free.

Development of Technical assignment. At this stage, in thorough moments, the list of tasks is documented in the form of a Technical assignment. This stage is one of the main ones, since before developing an automated system it is necessary to clearly present the goals and the final result, which will greatly facilitate the subsequent implementation steps.

Design Approval (Usability) The design of the developed automated system plays a large role, since it is much more pleasant for end users to work in a simple and understandable environment. At this stage, design drafts, taking into account the brand book and requirements are approved by the customer for its further processing and preparation for the software environment.

Writing code The creation of the prototype of an automated system begins. At this stage, all requirements from the technical assignment and the algorithms of the interacting modules are taken into consideration. A demo version of the software is created, which is demonstrated to the client.

Testing and troubleshooting At this stage, the software package is subjected to detailed testing by our specialists. After the preliminary testing ends, testing by the client begins and the elimination of unaccounted moments.

Creating a manual for users A guide to using the system is one of the main points for an automated system. Creating documentation includes the main points of transmitting information in an accessible form. The documentation should respond to the main points related to using the system as a whole.

Implementation and technical support At this stage, the system is being implemented on the customer’s platform and real testing in combat mode takes place. If the completed tasks are approved, then the customer confirms his acceptance of acceptance documents. After providing experienced support, our company takes responsibility for the provision of further technical support, which guarantees the customer always up-to-date software-hardware complex in working condition.

In addition, our team develops and designs Databases, as well as interfaces for interacting with it – for business, work, learning and other needs. Databases are an integral part of any successful business, they store all the most important information: about customers, products, supplies and much more. And special software is always necessary for processing this data, as well as for many other types of automation on a computer, mobile devices and the Internet, including local office networks. Each database is created according to client’s requirements and is unique. The main database development tools are Microsoft Access, Sqlite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PgSql, Oracle DB and others.