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Every experienced manager is aware that business efficiency largely depends on software quality. Our company offers you to purchase licensed software of global manufacturers, including Microsoft, Eset, Kaspersky, Adobe, and Dr. Web.

Having invested money in licensed software, you gain confidence in the future, enlist the support of professionals. At this time for many organizations, the urgent question arises of switching to licensed software. It often happens that when managers find out how much it will cost them to purchase all the programs installed on their computers, they either refuse this idea and continue to break the law, or they find the supplier with the lowest price and buy everything from him, eventually spending huge amounts of money anyway. We suggest that you approach this issue carefully and choose the optimal software purchase plan.

Most users use only 10-20% of the functions of the software installed on their computers, this is normal if you did not pay for the software, but when the question arises about payment, you probably need to think about whether you should buy all the software whose functions employees of your organization do not use. For example, the MS Office software suite has 8 delivery options, with a different set of software included in this package. When purchasing, you must definitely choose the delivery option that is optimal for you. Or maybe an alternative solution is suitable for your tasks, installing the freely distributed OpenOffice.org package, which can provide almost all the MS Office functions that an ordinary user needs, and at the same time will cost you free and completely legal. You need to approach all the software that your organization uses in exactly the same way. Since in almost all cases it is possible to choose either an alternative, more economical solution or, choose the most optimal option for software delivery.

Our company’s specialists can consult you on licensing for free, and if necessary, conduct an audit of the software you use and select the best solution. We are focused on long-term cooperation, therefore, what is beneficial for our customers is also beneficial for us, this is our position. The use of legal software products is increasingly becoming a matter of prestige for businessmen. Licensing of the used software becomes, as it were, a pass to the circle of civilized leaders working according to international standards. Saying “I use only licensed programs”, you demonstrate the modernity and reliability of the company, emphasize concern for the efficient organization of work of employees, respect for intellectual property.