ООО "Ребус"
Construction company "A & R Construction"
Information site development

Description: This site was designed to enhance the image of A & R Construction. This site includes a page of the company’s facilities. The site has been registered in the search engine and was able to attract additional clients. The site of a construction company is a showcase of its capabilities. The decision to buy a property is not made in a couple of minutes. You need to carefully study projects, certificates, evaluate the cost, compare with other offers on the market. Therefore, the site of the company, which is engaged in the construction of houses, should be informative.

Operating system: Linux Debian.

Software: Apache2Fale2banProFTPdSSHPHP и DBMSMySQl.


✓ Workplace of the Site Administrator, which can add and edit the necessary information;
✓ The workplace of the site moderator, which adds new objects of the company;
✓ Adding objects (and other information) to the site, with the possibility of preliminary editing in an editor similar to Word.
✓ Adding informational materials.
✓ Gallery of objects, adding construction stages.
✓ E-mails of organization employees.

An information site is one of the ways to convey information to users, in addition, a means of communication between users and the organizationc