ООО "Ребус"


The “Rebus” Company (LLC) is registered and acting as the ITIdeas brand and being engaged in automation and outsourcing service provision in the IT sector. We do offer modern and simple solutions to increase outcomes and cost reduction. In the information technology and global computerization era, almost all global business activities depend on computer technology. Today the business companies have a great, inexpensive and professional solution which provision computer equipment servicing by IT outsourcing specialists. Our services are directed into several areas, including office equipment delivery, IT outsourcing, consulting services for proper designing of technical specification and business solutions, automation and custom software development. If you are planning to launch a business and organized staff work, you would need IT consulting services. In this regard, we look forward to working together and partnership.

Why ITIdeas?

ITIdeas is a company of well-qualified software development and IT outsourcing team of specialists, which provides a full scope of high-quality IT services in the Tajikistan market. Our exclusive integrated approach in software products designing and developing would provide an opportunity for the development of innovative products in a quick and cost-effectively manner and provide our customers significant advantages and use the constantly changing opportunities of the modern market in full return.