111               Company LLC “Rebus” projecting under brand ITIdeas is engaged in automation and outsourcing in IT. We provide a modern and simple solutions that increase productivity and reduce your costs.

              In the age of information technology and global computerization of almost all business activities of the world depends on computer technology. To date, these companies have a lovely , affordable and professional solution – computer services specialists from IT- outsourcing. Our range of services is divided into several areas . It includes the delivery of office equipment , IT- outsourcing , consulting services on the correct design of technical specifications and business solutions , automation and creation of custom software . If you plan to start a business and organize the correct operation of the staff, you will need to consult a specialist in the field of IT. We look forward to working with you .

Why ITIdeas?

              ITIdeas is a company in which structure includes highly skilled software development and IT experts in the field of outsourcing, which provides a full range of high quality IT services in the market of Tajikistan.

              Our unique integrated approach in the design and development of software allows you to quickly and cost-effectively create innovative products that give our customers a significant competitive advantage and allow them to use the full capacity continuously changing modern market .comanda_group_work